Down River Recordings: Live Volume1

Track Listing


1. Al Stewart  

3. Al Jones 

3. Nick Pickett 

4. Keith Christmas 

5. Frogmorton

6. Vin Garbutt 

7. Mr Gladstone's Bag  

8. Oak


9. Peter Bellamy  

10.Colin Tucker


12. Pete Atkin 

13. Hratch  

14.Hot Vultures 

15.Bill Caddick 

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Memphis Tennessee

Butcher's Knife

Pacific Sky Dream

Ballad of Robin Head

White Swans

Barbara Allen

Firelock Stile

The Bunch of Thyme / The Perfect Cure / Sweets of May

Sir Richard's Song

I Drew My Ship

Traffic Light Lady

Rider To The World's End 

I'm Leaving Now

Put Your Money In Your Shoes Blues

Waiting for the Lark 

Produced by Alan White, Terry Martin, Tony Kingsbury, Peter Collins
Many/most cover shots taken at the appropriate gigs by Peter Stowe

With the exception of Memphis Tennessee and Ballad of Robin Head, these recordings were all made by or 'collected' by Alan White. They date from 1969-1976. Most were recorded at clubs that we organised, a couple at clubs like Tatties where we had close links. We've left in most of the introductions, smashing glasses and distant sirens to try and retain the atmosphere of the event! They were recorded on what at the time was a state-of-the-art tape machine.  The miracle is that they have survived the years since then sitting under Alan's stairs in very dusty boxes. With some recent, invaluable help from Mr Nick Pickett he has done a remarkable job in bringing them up to modern day standards.

Make no mistake this is a unique collection!

The Producers..

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Alan White

Terry Martin

Tony Kingsbury

Peter Collins


Why Down River Recordings?  In 1968   The American singer David Ackles (1937-1999) wrote and recorded a song called Down River - we liked it and called three clubs after it. I guess we still like it.

We are grateful to all the artists, their families and publishers for allowing us to include the material free of charge. All profits from the sale of this CD will go to worthwhile charities

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