Down River Recordings: Live Volume1
Detailed Track Listing

1. Al Stewart ~Memphis Tennessee (Berry)  © 1959 Arc Music Corporation
by kind permission of Jewel Music Publishing Company Limited
Recorded 7th February 1970 in our school hall at Leyton County High. A  recording of  the song that is not available anywhere else. It is likely to remain unique as Al doubts he could now play the guitar part!


2. Al Jones~Butcher's Knife (Jones)
  A great mate over the years. Very much a 'musician's musician'. This was recorded c.1972 in Alan White's lounge in Leytonstone. If it sounds very late-night and intimate, that is because it was recorded at 3.00am trying not to annoy the neighbours!


3. Nick Pickett~Pacific Sky Dream (Pickett)
  On 18th July 1972 Nick invited a record company mogul to this evening at the King William IV in Leyton. The chap was encouraged to get something to eat along the road and be back at 10.30pm for Nick's set. Sadly the pub closed at 10.30pm! As luck would have it the chap returned early and Nick got the contract.


4. Keith Christmas ~Ballad of Robin Head (Christmas)
Back to the school hall. This recording was made on 6th December 1969 and appeared on a compilation album called '49 Greek Street'    Amazing what you could get away with in school halls in those days!


5. Frogmorton~ White Swans (Smith)
This band were always a  favourite with our audiences. Their energy and good humour was infectious.They appeared for us on numerous occasions at the Corbett Theatre, the Blacksmiths and the KingWilliam IV where this track was recorded on 25th July 1972. The studio version of this song appeared on their only album "At Last" recently re-mastered and re-released on CD.


6. Vin Garbutt~Barbara Allen (Trad) 
Vin swore blind that he had never ever sung this song let alone recorded it! He wouldn't be convinced until his wife played it down the phone to him - trouble was he was touring Canada at the time - not sure he's convinced yet! Recorded at the King William IV 17th October 1972


7.   Mr Gladstone's Bag~ Firelock Stile ( Trad )
Sadly our good friend Mike Clifton is no longer with us but it came as news to John Watcham that their unique performances of songs from the 'very gutter of Victorian society' had ever been recorded. This one was recorded on 19th December 1976 the last night of the club at the Blacksmith's Arms. Epping


8. Oak ~The Bunch of Thyme / The Perfect Cure / Sweets of May (Trad)
Oak was Peta Webb, Tony Engle, Rod and Danny Stradling. This was their last ever performance. Recorded 19th December 1972  at the King William IV

9. Peter Bellamy ~Sir Richard's Song (Kipling)
.A legend who died tragically. By no means the only recording of Peter performing this Kipling song but daughter Jenny reckons it is as good a version as many others she has heard. Recorded 14th July 1974 at the Corbett Theatre, Debden


10. Colin Tucker ~I Drew My Ship (Trad)
Old school chum Colin performed  a supporting role at all of the school concerts or 'folk evenings' as they were known. His voice and song writing skills warranted more. This though was recorded on 26th October 1975  at the Blacksmith's Arms.


11. Thyme~Traffic Light Lady (Martyn) © Warlock Music
Annick Hedge, John Fincher and Terry Martin were Thyme. Here performing a John Martyn favourite at the King's Head, Ongar.3rd June 1973


12. Pete Atkin~Rider To The World's End (PeteAtkin/CliveJames) ©Rutland MusicLtd/Onward Music Ltd.
.A very different performance of a song, co-written with Clive James, from the one that appears on Pete's first album. Recorded 24th May 1973 at a club in Plaistow. Sadly the first half of the set went unrecorded as Alan & Tony were too busy talking in the bar downstairs!


13. Hratch ~I'm Leaving Now (Hratch/Dreyer)
Recorded 4th April 1974at Tatties Club at West Hatch High School, Chigwell. With a voice like that Hratch deserved to have made it big. Much of our interest in music in the 60s grew from seeing Hratch perform at Bunjies Folk Club every Wednesday evening

14. Hot Vultures~Put Your Money In Your Shoes Blues ( Trad  )
Hot Vultures were Ian A. Anderson and Maggie Holland. Ian was a regular at our events from school hall days. This fine example of 'De Ol' Thames Delta Blues' was recorded at the Blacksmith's Arms  26th October 1975


15. Bill Caddick~Waiting for the Lark (Caddick) ©Rough Music
Last but by no means least the uncrowned king of Wolverhampton Bill Caddick. One of the folk world's great entertainers whether solo or as part of Magic Lantern. Recorded 26th October 1975 doing a turn at the Blacksmith's Arms


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