A copy of a press release issued by Kevin Wyatt-Lown Management:


Record success brings it's own kind of problems and with a couple of silver discs behind him in the last few months (one for the 'Oldest Swinger In Town' single and another for a compilation LP.) FRED WEDLOCK has been hard at work to get  out another single to follow up his arrival in the charts as the comedy success of 1981.

A new single 'Jobsworth' has now been released and the demand for him to do television shows and radio interviews around the country has been very heavy.

One drawback has been that some of the dates on his Autumn tour have had to be rescheduled to fit everything in and the tour has now been extended well into November.

One change in the tour has been at the BLACKSMITH'S ARMS, THORNWOOD COMMON near EPPING where Fred was due to play on October 11th. This date has now been moved to November 8th and ticket demand is expected to be very heavy.

Despite the success that has come from the record and TV exposure in recent months, Fred and his manager Kevin Wyatt-Lown still insist on making the act available to audiences in smaller venues and the BLACKSMITHS is one that Fred has played before and enjoyed very much.

As his manager points out 'It's all very well playing 1000 seater plus venues around the country but there is still a great deal of fun to be had in playing to smaller audiences in really well run venues. The guys who run the BLACKSMITHS have organised some really terrific shows for us in the past and a new hit single with a nationwide TV and radio tour wasn't going to stop us making sure we got to play their venue on this tour!


Blimey Kevin, I never realised you cared so much!