Tatties Folk Club
This page is Dedicated to the memory of Jill Bennet

Held at West Hatch School in Chigwell (Essex), Tatties was a spin-off from the mainline clubs that were running at the time. Although we did not actively get involved with the day to day promotion of the club we did try and help when possible.Typically we would arrange for acts to appear who had been successful "discoveries" at our other venues.

The Club ran throughout 1975 and 1976.Featured artistes included:
 Mr Gladstones Bag, Hratch, Dagon,
Dave James, Cold Steamed Tripe,
Lifeline, Alan White, Michael Moore,
Terry Martin, Dave Plimmer and many more..Some Pics..

Cold Steamed Tripe
Colin, Annick & Terry (end of guitar only!)

Featuring flautist Pip Garrard (left)

Dave Plimmer
Dave's song "Afterglow" is one of Mrs K's favourites. So there!



Dave James
with Jill

Jill bravely putting up with
Terry and Tony

(Seen here with a very shady looking Pete Collins)




Michael Moore
The Tallest Man in the World