Dave Cartwright

Hello young men..

Just doing my biannual reccie through the backlog of thyme and realise that I didn't acknowledge your acknowledgement of my acknowledgement of your excellent site!..Sorry.

Anyway, time marches ever onward and here we are, into Oktober, 2002.
The Clifford T Ward book went into reprint, then sold out. End of Story.

Colin (Irwin) gave it a lovely Mojo review, and Record Collector put it at numero three in their Best Rock Books selection, but that's all water over the doorstep now. So who's next? Watch this space..

I'm really sad to hear that Colin Scot is no longer with us. I went to see him at Wednesbury (West Midlands) about ten years (?) ago, and apart from a bit of weight (well, as Macca said, 'You've got to carry that..) he didn't look much different. Whatever happened? We had some great times together. Very much kindred spirits I think, though he could leave me standing (or falling) when it came to drink.

And dear old Isaac of course. A gentle, warm spirit.

After eighteen years on the radio (an acoustic show and a vintage rock'n'roller).. the accountants have moved in and decided that Radio Ga-Ga is indeed a good thing. No more specialist shows, no more local radio. Just radio that is broadcast locally, a subtle difference, but a much cheaper one.

I'm still gigging, ( a smile, a song and a zimmer-frame...), still writing, still recording (though at home, where I'm in control), but I'm too old to get a proper job. It will see me out, and I couldn't think of a better way to have lived.

They were wonderful times, and will never be seen again.

Love to you both, love to you all.