Peter Stowe


We are sad to have to break the sad news of Peter's death.
On Monday 4th August he suffered a brain hemorrhage from which he did not recover. He died on Tuesday 5th.

Peter's funeraltook place on Wednesday 13th August at St. Michael's Church, Bishops Stortford.

A great number of family and friends from Peter's school days and from the Albion Morris were at the ceremony.

Our thoughts go out to his family.


To mourn Peter's loss in a solemn fashion is absolutely the right thing to do. To dwell for a minute or two on the lighter aspects of his life is, I hope, also the right thing to do.

We met in September 1963 when we started at secondary school in Leyton. He will be greatly missed at the 40th re-union event in a few weeks time. He arrived at secondary school with a primary school nickname of Stats - quite why I've never been too sure. He soon added Stowe with the O - a Latin master strangely used this to distinguish Peter from a boy called Stone. All very odd. Initially we became friendly because of a love of cricket, indeed most sports. Peter's enthusiasm for cricket demonstrated an optimistic side to his character - he supported Essex for 40 years, proof positive I think you'll agree. Motor racing was another passion. Modelling his driving technique on some of the world's finest drivers proved to be a major boost for the UK tyre industry.

A mutual lack of talent at sports fairly early in our school careers suggested other interests should be explored. Eventually folk music became the common interest. Not surprisingly talent at performing was not too much of a burden so hands were turned to the promotion of school concerts. Peter took charge of the finances earning himself the highest praise from the Headmaster who labelled him the 'financial wizard'.

Folk music continued to be Peter's main hobby for 35 years. From school concerts, to promoting club, concerts  and two Epping Festivals. He was lured by the bright lights to join the nation's most entertaining team of morris dancers. I have to confessed that I rather scoffed at this move - Peter, a dancer I didn't think so! I was obviously wrong and Peter became a stalwart of Albion Morris. The morris provided Peter and the family with an enormous amount of pleasure and friendship through the years. It is perhaps a fitting memorial that Peter performs on the recently released CD marking the Albions 30th anniversary, and spent his last weekend performing with them in Belgium.

Peter was a man with a point of view, often a view stubbornly argued and often different to the rest of mankind. He was a loyal friend to those with whom he 'debated' important issues  - I could never persuade him who should open the England bowling. My wife and I decided it would be best not to mention the time he set about me with a putter on the seafront at Hastings, or when he deposited me in the Essex countryside following helpful remarks about his driving. Certainly we mustn't mention the mischievous side that led him to be a prime mover in changing the 'ladies' and 'gents' signs at a Hastings campsite. He had a lot of loyal friends. I know that was a great comfort to him through a life that had  downs as well as ups.

He was, in conclusion, as well as being stubborn, efficient, mischievous and loyal, a proud man. Never prouder than when his children were under discussion. He was enormously proud of Robert's recent job promotion, and he was enormously proud of Emily's steady march towards becoming a physiotherapist. He would take comfort from knowing that so many people will be looking out for them in the future.

Pete, we'll miss you.

Pete with the Albion Morris 
(On the left in the front)