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30th September 2007

I’ve just found your web-site..it’s great. I am an ageing folkee who learned McTell/Incredible String Band songs in my youth. I was at St.Paul’s College, Cheltenham in the early seventies, had a band called the Chameleon Blues Band – actually we played jug-band stuff and became friendly with the Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra..they were from Bristol, of course. Wash and I wrote to each other from time to time, but have lost contact many years ago. I am particularly interested in your piece on Mudge and Clutterbuck. I still have the original E.P. they recorded and have re-set their song ‘Robert E. Lee’ to a different tune – I hope Tim will forgive me. I was sorry to read about the death of Dave Mudge.

Bob Meredith

8th August 2007

Because I organised the event I accomodated her and my young son gave up his bedroom for her Jo Ann Kelly that night. She asked me if I had a spare pair of PJs and although I don't use the things myself, I found in the wardrobe the top from one pair and the bottoms from another and was extremely embarrassed to hand over such a pathetic excuse for nightwear!
Jo was an extremely lovely woman and I remember my wife and myself being very taken by her. It was indeed a crushing blow to read about her death in the very next edition of Folk Roots and it occurred to me back then that this gig at the Three Horse Shoes in Doncaster on the 22nd September 1990 may have been her last appearance. I'm not sure..

Alan Wilkinson

30th July 2007

Ahoy there Terry and Tony!

I've just been looking at your site, which looks great - apart from being very nostalgic for me!    You mention Keith's "Weatherman", Tony:   I've got a very battered copy which is one of my favourite albums of all time.    It would be great if you could get some more from Keith and spread them around a bit - definitely deserves to be heard by more people! I hope you're both well.   I was up in town with Linda (my wife of 10 months) to "help" Ian A through his 60th.. he manages to look quite presentable despite the great age ( I can say that as I'm 61).   Had a drink with Dave Evans, who is older than all of us I believe. Strangely after all these years, Sanctuary /Castle are releasing an anthology of my early stuff (including Jonesville, and some late night sessions with Boris) due for release soon

Alun Ashworth Jones

23rd May 2007

Just having a trawl through looking for John Brown of Gasworks and came across your site - lots of familiar faces - I regularly did floor spots at Richard Digances folk clubs in East Ham and Manor park and later ran the Cambridge University Folk club for a couple of years, booking Pisces and Gasworks plus John Martyn, Keith Christmas, Shelagh McDonald, Gordon Giltrap, Martin Carthy, Noel Murphy etc etc.

I often wondered what happen to John & Mike - I knew them quite well at the time and always rated their songs and live performances which were a hoot. I recently had a request for some of their stuff from a friend in the states and was able to dig out a copy of thier LP from the attic and sends some mp3s(sorry John!- but it keeps the name alive...). Verbalise your Preorgasmic Tension was the requested favourite but I always loved the one string fiddle on Goodbye Frankie Rose. I drifted out of writing/performing but have recently got back into things and have some old archive recordings and eclectic new stuff in circulation amongst friends and acquaintances. Claim to fame: John Martyn once bough me a curry..

Martin Stirrup

8th March 2007

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the memories your site brought back from the depths of who knows where.I found your site while surfing for stuff on Al Stewart, having just found his MySpace page and, at 3 in the morning, deciding it would be a great idea to pour myself a drink and listen to the four tracks on offer there instead of going to bed.

It seems we were both introduced to Al's work in much the same way, although a few years apart.  I used to help run a folk club in Sevenoaks (Kent) and one night our regular host/singer enthused for ages about an act he'd seen that week before proceeding to play "In Brooklyn" ...and I was hooked.  Any man who could write a song that still sounded good after Dave had butchered it (we were at school together, there was a trifling amount of rivalry) had to be some sort of genius.

I remember seeing Prager & Rye, and Gordon Giltrap at the Sevenoaks club, and names like Keith Christmas, Mike Absalom, and Colin Scot have dragged me even deeper into the depths of nostalgia..not to mention my vinyl collection.

I remember two things about when Gordon Giltrap played our club.  Firstly our host (the demon Dave) tried to embarrass me by telling him I'd played one of his songs the week before.  Gordon, the consummate "nice bloke" turned to me and simply asked what key it was in, and then proceeded to have a chat about his music with me..The second thing is that Gordon had to play a short second set so he could catch his train home !

Anyway, before I bore the arse off you completely, thanks again for the great read about Al on your site, and my comparable experience to your going to Soho to see Hratch, was convincing my parents that a mate and I were "just going to London for the day" in 1969, when I was 14, and attending the Stones in the Park gig.

Paul Salmons (still in Sevenoaks)

30th November 2006 

Hi.  I would appreciate it if anyone can help identify some folk singers in some pictures and recording taken at the Turville Folk Club in the 1970s.  They are in a new website I have set up - see www.turvillefolkclub.co.uk  The website is a tribute to Len Harman, the farmer who ran it.

Jeremy Riches

18th November 2006                 

I surfed in by chance while looking for anything about Jon Betmead. We used to work roughly the same circuit years ago. I became a fan and later a good friend, but lost touch when I moved out of the folk scene. Thanks to you I've made contact again.

I've been getting back into folk this last year or so, and reading through your pages brought back so many memories of my first time around (roughly 1968 - 1984 ish). Articles on lots of people I used to know or met and saw play, especially Jon, Jasper Carrott, Harvey Andrews (still a hero), Derek Brimstone, Derroll Adams, and most of all Colin Scot.

I didn't make it down to London very often but played around the Beds, Cambs, North Herts, Bucks & Northants scene.

I love your site and will return many times. .

Tony Ames

5th September 2006                 

What a time we all had throughout the 70's, so many different places to play, so much good music, so many friends. It may be smaller these days but the circle is unbroken.

Guy Chant

 29th August 2006          

I'm setting up a web site devoted to the memory of the Folk Club at Idlecombe Farm, Turville (1970's) as a tribute to the farmer Len Harman, who ran it.  I have some interesting recordings of some of the evenings there.  Would like to hear from anyone who has any memories they would like to share, and any of the singers who performed there. 

Jeremy Riches 

27th August 2006               

I was around the folk clubs in London 1970-1976. Resident at a couple. Now in Australia, still singing a bit and interested in hearing from old friends/acquaintances ...

 Brian Grayson

22nd August 2006

 Hi !  great site.  Just playing my brilliant Colin Scot cd (having had my vinyl for so long with nothing to play it on and its taken me back to the troupadour club in clifton early 70s.. great site !

Ann Leonard

2nd August 2006

Well, what a surprise -all those names from my past.
For those who might be mystified who I am, you'll remember me as Brillo, bass player to anyone who offered. I looked through my archives and found my list of acts: over 60 of them!

Diz Disley (who got me started in this game), Johnny Silvo, Colin Scot (Hi, Mox, I'll be in touch!), The Piggies (Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra), Isaac Guillory, Chris Newman, Stan Arnold, John James, Mike Maran (still working in theatre with his own drama group), Mim Backhouse, Gordon Giltrap, Artie Traum, and a whole lot more.
I'm still playing and writing for music magazines reviewing instruments, and I try to keep in touch with who's still around. It's sobering to think of all the folks who've passed on to the great gig in the sky.

By the way, I still have the hair, but I've also got the solar panel!

Brillo (Dave Etheridge)

8th June 2006

Hi, folks. Nice to read Moxie's entry. Mox played flute and harmonica with COLIN SCOT, as you may know, and features on Scot's second and third albums for WEA, OUT OF THE BLUE and JUST ANOTHER CLOWN. He was a wonderful addition to Scot's show, a sober foil to the larger than life, late-lamented minstrel.It may interest you to note that Eclectic discs have just re-issued Colin's first album, the one with so many illustrious accompanying musicians. I've contributed liner notes with the help of Rick Wakeman, Andrew Lauder, Davey Johnstone, Derek Brimstone, David Kaffinetti, Allan Taylor and many more, all of whom cared immensely about him. Any takers for re-issuing those two Warners masterpieces?

Matt Watkinson 

3rd May 2006

Nostalgia (as in - it's not wot it usta' be) suggested I google up some of the folks I have known & played with on the folk circuit, circa 64/74. Strangely enough I keep coming back to this guest book!
Here I should (re-)introduce myself; I played harmonica under the name of Moxie.

As, after all these years, my memory is slowly coming back I would love to get in contact  with any/everyone with whom we can share the visions of our well/mis-spent youth!

Contact me here:

and thanks in advance.
Mox "Moxie" Gowland

One or two extra items;

It was the day of the boat race when the manager of my then group, the De-Kyper Sect, asked me If I knew any folk singers as he had been contacted by a "French" club in Greek Street that was thinking of changing it's programme. I replied in the positive, went and met Philip & put him in contact with Heather & Royston (Young Tradition), plus several others of Bunjie's fame.

The first session was held on a Wednesday.The other evenings continued to be 'French' i.e. a meeting place for French au-pair's. Philip never did get round to changing the sign so this was the origin of the club being known as LES COUSINS. Not that long after I also had the honour of introducing Sandy Denny to the club after having been stopped and questioned by her in Charing Cross road. Other than the fact that I had long red hair and was playing harmonica, I will never know why, on such a crowded street, that she had decided to ask me of all people!


6th April 2006

Stumbled across this site by accident 3 hours ago, and haven't managed to leave yet !!!  You must be doing something right..great stuff !
Graham Clarke  

30th March 2006
Dark as a dungeon, Damp as the dew where the dangers are many and the pleasures are few.. Bunjies! Does anyone remember Jean the waitress (1968). Dave and Ray, Pat, John Robertson who sung Suzanne better than Leonard Cohen, wize old Sean. Singers Nigel and the guy who sang "Jenny won't you please take me home" ?
Peter Cross

28th March 2006

Chris Rohmann is apparently soon to release a CD called "Made for Music" which will be a remix of songs he recorded just before moving back to the States (23 years ago)


20th March 2006

Thanks for the info on Jo Ann Kelly. One of my favourite albums is  'Do It' All I have left is a very old cassette recording. Does anyone know if the album is still available? (I assume it was never  released as a cd) I've checked  the track listing on other cd's but none of them have the track 'Do It'.If you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it!
Thank you so much- I'm so glad I found your site.

Yolanda White

13th March 2006

I would also be interested to know if anyone  has ever heard a recording by Gas Works called "Gotta be someone that I love" and whether that is available anywhere?
Good site - lots of information and memories!

Kind regards

John Richmond

4th March 2006

  16/11/75 at The Blacksmiths..Magic Lantern..wasn't that their farewell date, before Major Mustard?  I'm pretty sure that's the date I played the support spot.  Came up with Richard Digance and Jazz Summers, who were "looking after" me at the time and had just put me in a studio to record "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer".  I remember talking there to another friend of Richard's - the fiddler from Silly Wizard, but his name eludes me..

with best wishes

John Scott Cree

28th February 2006

   .. would love to hear from anybody still interested in what I`m up to..love to all....

 Jon Betmead

16th February 2006

Great site - I've been doing some excavating of my memories re: London in the sixties and especially the folk scene centered round Cousins, Bungies, Scots Hoose etc which I was introduced to by my late wife Barbara and scanning through here has brought a great deal back .. 

 Rod Warner 

26th January 2006

I spotted a reference to my pal, Colin Scot, amongst the many wonderful reminiscences, and I too miss him, as do his many friends from Scarborough's late Penthouse. Colin was a fantastic artist, as many of his contemporaries will attest, and towards the end of his life had a nifty sideline as a voiceover artist for european TV and radio adverts. Doncha learn some stuff. If anyone remembers playing at The Penthouse (and many do) I'd love to hear from you for my impending radio documentary.

Matt Watkinson 

30th December 2005

Wow! What a lot of memories! Used to go to Bunjies on a Saturday, in the late 60's. One of the guys that used to play was called Nigel?, can't remember his last name. Just about had time for a drink in the Marquis of Granby at Cambridge Circus, then off to Les Cousins!!! Wednesday was always Hratch, if you followed on to another club you could get a drink on the way home at Covent Garden before going straight to work on a Thursday morning! Oh for so much stamina these days. Good to hear so many other people still treasure these memories. !

Frances Watson

3rd December 2005

Hello I'm a French guy and I speak very bad in english. I 'm very intereting by your article on the fabulous musician Nick Pickett where is he today? I'm a bassist and guitarist and I love the blues.
Merci de votre réponse,bravo pour ce site !


Dominique Prevot

30th November 2005

Shelagh McDonald turned up at the Scottish Daily Mail about  a week ago !


28th November 2005

How great I just read about Flaky Pastry - one of their members David Doddington was my drama teacher and I saw them play at school - excellent. I also learned to play guitar from David and have both their single and their albumn - which is signed by all the members - 


28th November 2005

Can anyone give any clues as to the whereabouts of John Williams, who made one folky singer-songwriter LP for Columbia in 1967 as well as a couple of 45s? According to the LP sleeve, he was from Bedford, but with a name like that (and another well-known musician sharing it) it's next to impossible to sift through the web in search of him. He also participated in the 'Maureeny Wishfull' LP with Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan.


29th September 2005              

 I was in the folk secene in the seventies in glasgow and london.I'm trying to find 2 old buddies
who used to sing with me in  the Elizabethan Rooms and elsewhere, called Dave Ward and Ian Russell.
Would appreicate any news.

 Jean Livingstone 

20th September 2005            

I was a regular at Les Cousins in 67/68, and have loads of memories of the place.
If you're interested email me back, and I'll try to get some thoughts together. I'm lucky in that
I have pretty good recall, so can probably remember a few things and names which have sunk into total,
and sometimes tragic obscurity.

Nick Powell 

10th August 2005

I used to go to Bunjies in the very early 60's.
Big Theo and Ron Symonds played there.
One of the songs that I nearly remember began "I am a wagon driver, son.  Bill Heely is my name"
I can't remember who used to sing it but I don't think it was accompanied. 

If anyone knows the rest of the words  I would very much appreciate an email.

Thanks. John

9th August 2005            

 I am trying to contact Jon Betmead.  If anybody could help please email me. .Is he still singing at the folk clubs ? Any information would be appreciated. 

Dave West 

29th June 2005

This is makin` me sad !!

I used to be a floor singer in the seveties (still am),often transported by Maggie Holland and/or Ian and Maggie,also by Malvern Dan and many others (no transport of my own back then).Does anyone know where Ian Russell is these days ?I can find references to Christie Hennesy but none to Ian. Lovely memories from all those names on your site. I`m off now..b4 I cry!!

Russell Harris  

27th June 2005

Great site! Very interested to hear there are other Al Stewart fans out there. He's doing a few UK gigs later this year - anyone interested in seeing him at Tunbridge Wells on Wed 26th October? Drop me an email.Also, any Huw & Tony Williams fans out there? I mislaid my copy of their live album last year & can't find another anywhere - please email me if you can help.

Gary Brooks

5th June 2005

  Is Dave Cartwright still gigging. We used to see him at the Cherry Trees @ Alcester,many moons ago ,and once went to see him at Ettington Park near Stratford,but we had to give up as we were the only two who turned up to see him(sorry about that one Dave).I've just dug out his albums and started playing them again and he really was an underated singer songwriter.I have his first recording an album called Middle of the Road,which I think he once told me he hadn't a copy of himself! If you read this Dave and are going to do any gigs I would love to hear.

Alan Lee

31st May 2005

I'm looking for Ian A. Anderson cd's. Is there anybody who knows where I can find them?

The Netherlands

27th May 2005

 Great site! Can you give me any clues as to how I might find Synanthesia, or who they were? Other than establishing that they were Glaswegian I've drawn a blank, and that includes asking Sandy Roberton, Keith Christmas, Robin Scott and numerous others. Many thanks!



26th May 2005

My father ran Les Cousins, and the photograph of the doorway in Greek Street is not the original 49 Greek St. The club was on the other side of the road next to L'escagot Restaurant. There is no "revived" Les Cousins Club.

Emma Matheou

7th May 2005

Jennifer?  Missed you (by a whisker) in Tacoma.  Drop me a line? 

1st May 2005

Hi guys.  Nice site - Much nostalgia looking at the Best Folkclubs in the World page *Sob!*  Whatever happened to The Troubadour on Old Brompton Road?
Very best wishes -  Max Johnson (Ex. Threadbare Consort and Dead Sea Surfers).

28th April 2005
For the last ten years I have been collecting autographs of the original artists of Woodstock.  I am having a great deal of difficulty finding one of Tim Hardin since he passed away in 1980.  Do you have or know someone who has his autograph?  Please let me know.  I would be willing to pay quite a bit for an authentic signature.
Thank you,

23rd April 2005
What a wonderfull site! I was doing a search for Frogmorton, specifically, Christopher Tulloch. I have the old vinyl, "At Last" which I received from him as a gift across the ocean many years ago. It was a beautiful era and it appears that many are reflecting back. The Guest Book is a great idea! 


20th April 2005

I was searching the net and found the page about my uncle, Nick Pickett on your site, I was very surprised but also proud. Well done on such a great site!

Zara Pickett

16th March 2005

Just discovered the site, which I haven't fully explored yet, but just wanted to get  my name in as an ex- London "folkie" .Who knows? Someone on your site might even remember me!  It is a bit lonely out here in the West Indies since 1974. I was part of a folk blues duo, "Ray and Emmett" We started in Bunjies around '63 and had a weekly residency at Studio 51 (Ken Colyers). I made a couple of records for EMI in '65. Still singing..just released my first cd. Lost touch with my dear friend Ray (he was harmonica man in Downliners Sect). We did the busking thing and were featured in a documentary "Primitive London" singing "John Henry" in Duke of York pub. Good buddies with ex folkie, Rod Stewart, Dave Travis etc. Anyway, here's my email emmett@tstt.net.tt if anyone would like a more comprehensive resume or just to chat about great old times!
 Best wishes, Emmett.

 Emmett Hennessy 

4th March 2005 

Went back to Bristol (The Mall etc) last year (2004) to renew my memories. As always you can't really go back but it was nice looking and talking to people. I lived just around the corner from The Troub in those days ( '67- mid '70s) Now I live in Brisbane , Aust.

Best Regards to All

Tony Rutherford

10th February 2005

 Memory Lane just returned.... as guitarist of a folk rock band called Scotch Mist from the early to mid 70's (later called Bright Eyes), artists such as Frogmorton, Hunter Muskett, Allan Taylor, Gasworks, Etchingham Steam Band, Magic Lantern, Pete & Chris Coe, etc. hold particularly fond memories for me. Playing the same circuit Solihull's The Boggery included)and booking some of them for our own Birmingham based folk clubs was an experience I will never forget. Some of my happiest memories. Well done for keeping the flame burning through this great little website for which I'll gladly create a link from my own folk music business site. Well done !
 Ken Jones

5th February 2005

A happy accident. After insisting to my partner that I remove my LPs from their boxes in the loft and get a chance to record them to CD through her shiny new computer I thought, "Hell I love this record, Pygmy. I wonder who this Keith Christmas geezer actually was?" So a quick boot onto AOL and a search led me to you. Very nice site. Well done and now I'm going to have to hunt down some more of his work 30 years later! Cheers.
 Peter Webb
Peter, suggest you log onto Keith's website www.kcblues.co.uk

  2nd January 2005    

 Hi - its great to know that I'm not the only person left in the UK who still plays & loves Al Stewart's music. I first saw Al play at the Troubadour club in clifton, Bristol around 1966 ( Clifton in the Rain - from Al's first album) through to the heady full electric days in London just prior to his exodus to the US. I know he's playing the Edmonton folk Festival in May 2005 - so might satrt saving the pennies - but how about trying to persude him back here for a UK tour?

Julian Black

6th November 2004

Hey there, I'm Jenny Beeching's daughter and I would just like to say what a good review you have written about her album. Ive never listened to it but now im going to ask her to play it to me!

Katy Haigh (aged 14) 

5th November 2004

Great site. Really interested to see the stuff on Murph. Have fond memories of seeing him while living in Essex.
All the best.

Nigel and Tony

2nd November 2004

..just found it and was looking for local folk links! 

Peter Gedling

27th October 2004 

Hi there,
I spent most of the late 70's doing Midlands folk clubs (through Jaspers FINGIMIGIG agency and was pointed toward your site by Debbie the famous money taker at the BOGGERY. When I was down your way (from Bolton) I used to stay with my old mate Dave Cartwright who I see, from your site, now lives in Holland.

Great site, some good old mates there looking much younger!

Bob Williamson

PS Bernard Wrigley wonders why there's no photos of us!

11th October 2004

Does anyone know where I can get Arizona Smoke Review recordings ???  Saw them when I was sixteen at St Neots Folk Club (which was ACE in those days), and now I'm pushing 40, going on a bit of a nostalgia trip !  Nice site by the way !

Nick Slater

1st October 2004                  

Fantastic site. What memories  !!

Deb & I were involved (in a small helping out sort of a way) with the Birmingham/Midlands based clubs "Grimstocks", "The Boggery" and "The Loony Bin" in the 70's & 80's (well Deb was all of the 70's & 80's but I didn't discover folk clubs until 1979). The first band I ever saw was Silly Wizard. It just blew my mind.

We are running our own folk club now and we are lucky to have booked some of "The Old School" - Shep Woolley, Prelude, Derek Brimstone, Bernard Wrigley, Waterfall (the original duo), Kieran Halpin, Mad Jocks, Armpit Jug Band, Jeremy Taylor, Harvey Andrews, Johnny Silvo, Dave Sealey (ex Cosmotheka), Johnny Coppin, Malc Stent  .. Takes you back doesn't it. Of course we have also booked some who will provide the new "young generation" their memories in years to come. We can't just live in the past can we.

Look at our website to get in touch or see what we are up to  www.beehive.thisisderbyshire.co.uk/risingsunfolk

The Folk Scene has always been, and I hope will always be, a unique and precious organism. Alive and dynamic. It takes it's breath from the performing talents of so many gifted people. Love it.

Rob & Debbie Henry (Williams as was)

22nd March 2004 

Noel Murphy and I hung around together during the 60's and had some rare times together. One morning, following an all nighter at Les Cousins we tried to drive to a gig in Aberystwyth. Mistake. The date was Friday 13th and we had so many mishaps on the way that we did not arrive until all the punters were leaving. Very embarrassing but we managed to regain our composure with a couple of jars.

Don Whitbread (Squire)


19th March 2004

Excellent site; found accidently when searching for stuff on Gasworks. Does anybody know if the Gasworks album was released on CD? I have the original vinyl (personally signed by John and Mick when they played Sheffield Uni. in about 1970, 71 ?) but would love a CD copy.


28th February 2004

Fond memories of travelling the country with Noel,Shaggis and Double bass player !

Geof Roberts


26th February 2004

Excellent site! Your affection for the genre and artists clearly shines through! I am the archivist of the on-line community currently called The Jake Thackray project (www.jakethackray.com) and am interested in gathering and archiving all things Jake-related. I saw on one of your pages with an excellent photograph of Jake. If anyone has any other Jake photographs and / or would be prepared to share their memories of Jake I would be very grateful.

Keith Donovan


24th February 2004

My cousin John and I used to go to Bunjies regularly in the late 60s and knew Hratch. Wednesdays were my favourite night there. Yesterday I received this weird email from John which I was doubtful about opening - oh, but when I did, I saw this photo of Meg Aitken. What memories!! I had a surf round the site then - I went to West Hatch school in the early 60s and worked at the Corbett Theatre in the early 70s. I never knew there was a folk club at either! Thanks for the memories - I'm off for another look round at what else you've got.

B. Player

4th February 2004

I am a Brummie and have been living  in the USA for 25 years. I was active on the Midlands folk scene in the '60's. I'd love to hear of anyone with memories of that place and time !

Bob Rose


30th December 2003

You guys are so cool   (Thanks Siobhan  tm)

Siobhan Phillips


26th December 2003

  "ANG ABOUT" Noel Murphy..

Remember me ?  'cause I remember you. Just a note to say Hello.  My sister and I were talking today, It's Christmas 2003 and she asked me if I had heard from you, I said no and my wife started looking on the internet and found your site   I thought you would like to know I'm still thinking about the good old days.  You look great, you haven't changed just got older like me.

Your still the Christmas Potato!!
It's nice to see you looking well and life is treating you good.  You have a lovely daughter.  My wife and I live in Palm Springs California.  I'm a Personal Trainer and we didn't have any children  Thank God ??

Rick Roadie:   Richard Bateman 


12th December 03

Your site makes a happy man feel very old. 

 Graham Brocklebank


26th November 03        

Re: Gas Works.    I have no idea where Mick Draper is, but I did see them live maby times in Beckenham and Downham (I live in Bromley) and I have a copy of the album. Yes they were brilliant. 

Stephen Roberts


24th November 03

I tried to track down Chris Rohmann thro' the net.  I've found him.  He is a theatre critic in the States, but there was no reference to his music.  If you do a search you get lots of references to his crits, which you can listen to.  I'm sure it's him.  There is even an up to date photo, which if you compare it with the one in your gallery, confirms the identity I believe. I would like to contact him, but can't find a way yet - he doesn't seem to have a website.  Perhaps he's trying to hide his murky folk past!
PS  We fed him one night before The George Folk Club in East Meon, Hants - and he survived to do a great night.  I've got a vinyl copy of "Technicolor Dreams" but would love to get hold of a copy of "The Man I am Today".  I wonder if he ever made any other recordings???

Peter Harrison


God,it makes you wonder where the time goes.I don.t know the Essex side of things,but I remember Ian and Maggie at The Fox and Hounds Folk Club in Fleet in the Seventies.The whole site is an incredible record of easier times.Long may Folk live!

Henry Allen <henry.anne@ntlworld.com>

Basingstoke, Hants UK - Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 13:47:37 (GMT) 

Just surfed in. Very interesting site and and nice layout.

Cambs, USA - Friday, March 07, 2003 at 18:15:23 (GMT) 

Just surfed in. Nice Web site. Thank you, thank you thank you. --- Elizabeth

Elizabeth <elizabethK@aol.com>

Boston, MA - Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 20:36:38 (GMT) 

I happened upon this site while following the links from another site. Thank your for the hard work you must have put in to create this wonderful facility. Keep up the excellent work.

Samantha Williams <willsam911@yahoo.com>

USA, none USA - Monday, February 10, 2003 at 22:23:53 (GMT) 

Hey I was there too! I discovered Bunjies as a thirteen year old schoolboy and I used to go there and knock out a song or two on my five pound guitar. Sometimes Hratch took pity on me and let me play his Gibson-I'm sure he was still paying the HP at the time. Traditional nights Tuesdays, Jack Kane (Amory) on Fridays. I was also at the Al Stewart rainbow concert. I remember that Al broke a string at the end of his long set and continued playing something or the other on the fifth string alone. Great Days. Now I'm in Perth, Western Australia and it's as dead as...

Steve Martin <greenmachine54@hotmail.com>

Perth, WA Australia - Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 03:17:21 (GMT) 

A word to Sean Smith, who posted on 17/1/02 - catch the new box set of Shirley Collins, on Fledg'ling Records (full career retrospective). On CD4 you can find various 'live' recordings from the early 80s involving Jim Younger, Julie Carter and Dan Quinn. A word of warning - the instrument credits are mostly wrong. If you hear a fiddle or mouth organ, it's me. If you hear a melodeon, it's Dan. If you hear concertina, it's me on Oakham Poachers, Golden Glove and Julie on Lord Allenwater. Other tracks may involve two concertinas. Can't remember, and Julie always sounded like two players anyway. Dan and I still play together occasionally in Used Notes with Ian Kearey and Chris Taylor (I play mandolin-banjo). Julie doesn't play much these days at all, as far as I know - which is a shame as she was a damn fine concertina player. Mostly these days I play fiddle, guitar and mandolinish things, and mostly American repertoire. Don't get out much, but Gail Williams and I can be seen performing together from time to time. Best wishes Jim Younger

Jim Younger <JYou912814@aol.com>

London, UK - Wednesday, January 08, 2003 at 12:43:13 (GMT) 

Hi, I found this site and the "Down River Recordings Live Volume 1" CD after doing a web-search for Live Frogmorton recordings, Their excellent "At Last" CD has become one of my favorites and also enjoyed by friends who have listened to my copy in the car. If anyone knows where I can get hold of some live Frogmorton recordings, please contact me. You might already know this, but it is worth getting hold of some of the CDs on the Yorkshire-Folk Holyground label (http://www.holyground.co.uk/). I recommend the albums: "A-Austr", "Astral Navigations" and "Gagalactyca". You have got a good website. Although I often take risks and buy CDs blindly without knowing whats on them, it would be nice to have some sound samples from tracks of the CDs that you are selling. Thanks, Steve.

Steve Perry <steve@starship.st>

Southend, Essex United Kingdom - Thursday, December 26, 2002 at 19:36:47 (GMT) 

I have just had a very pleasant root around many memories of the 60s and 70s Folk Scene. Especially happy to be reminded of Shelagh MacDonald, for whom (in common with many others) I carried an incandescent torch for some time! Thank you for all the work you have put in on this site - More, please!

Alan Francis <alan@fits.freeserve.co.uk>

HARLOW, UK - Thursday, December 05, 2002 at 23:56:09 (GMT) 

Did you get my order for the Albion Morris CD? I know this isn't the place to put such an enquiry, but I could't find any other place to contact you....

Yasuo Hayashida <HAYASHIDAYASUO@aol.com>

Tokyo, Japan - Monday, November 18, 2002 at 15:54:12 (GMT) 

Hi, Hope you are successful in getting the Mudge & Clutterbuck recordings for issue on your next CD. I have very happy memories of seeing this duo at the Troubadour Club in Bristol in 1969 or 1970, and now have a serious nostalgia problem to solve! I spoke to Tim Clutterbuck today, and he put me onto you. Success!

Ray Pateman <ray@pateman2000.freeserve.co.uk>

UK - Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 23:05:55 (GMT) 


My fathers name is Carl Joseph Hurlimann, I am his only daughter and his only child. If you have any information that you could share with us on who the 26 children of Clem Hurlimanns father were and what his name was, we would be greatful. My Grandmother came from Germany, she was a Gerberman and my fathers father came from Switzerland. Thanks, Have a great day!

Adelia Hurlimann <Falleninluck@hotmail.com>

Sanger, CA USA - Wednesday, October 30, 2002 at 18:56:54 (GMT) 


Hi, My kids and I were doing some geniology. My Grandfather Came from Switzerland and my Grandmother came from Germany. I had a great uncle by the name of Joseph, My grandfathers name was Clement(Clem Hurliamnn. His father was married twice and had 26 children all together. If anyone knows anything about the family, please let us know. My father is the last surviving male out of this family and we would like to pass on the information to my children. Thanks Have a great day!

Adelia Hurliamnn <Falleninluck@hotmail.com>

Sanger, CA USA - Wednesday, October 30, 2002 at 18:46:27 (GMT) 


I was a great fan of Colin Scot and sad to learn from your pages of his death in 1999. Can anyone give me any more info about him in recent years - i have 2 of his records and know about a third but these are in the 70s - are there any more recent ones?


USA - Tuesday, October 29, 2002 at 22:24:32 (GMT) 


thanks to your site, great site, i was able to order a noel murphy cd.

rick johnston <richard.johmston6@btinternet.com>

manchester, uk - Friday, October 18, 2002 at 21:23:42 (GMT) 


Hi there! A friend has just forwarded me your web site and it is great to hear about so many old friends. I am just coming back on the scene again after a long time. I now live in Shropshire and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Sam and I split in 1986 but I have recently re-married, moved away from London and the rat-race and we are living 5 mins away from Dave Hunt, (Dr Sunshine) and 10 mins away from Bill Caddick. I remember the 2nd Epping Folk Festival very well and still have a painted stone from the craft stalls. xxx to you all, Anne

Anne Lennox-Martin <annelennoxmartin@aol.com>

USA - Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 20:34:38 (GMT) 


NOEL MURPHY,YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART. It seems like a million years since i escorted a Christmas Potato around Sudbrook Park golf course,Twice in one day in sixty-two. Do you remember that?. Do you rember traveling around in a 39 austin ten car with the top down,and draught poridge blowing in the wind? I was the Rick behind the wheel.Boy,do i think of those days a lot!!! I do hope you remember me like i remember you. MARY HOPKINS never had days like those.Much Love and best thoughts,be good to yourself, Always your friend,Richard Bateman.

Rick Bateman <iwankit2@aol.com>

cathedral city, ca USA - Saturday, September 28, 2002 at 04:00:10 (GMT) 


Hi guys, great to hear about this and indeed i would also like to hear about Michael Moore. Ihave a worldish music band called the Hurlimann Band (which coincidentally includes a 3rd ear band guitar player !! www.hurlimanns.co.uk and have also just finished a second solo album and seem to be doing more solo gigs at the moment. Any more would be useful also ?! Would like to wish you all the best with your venture and the cause. Cheers and love to you (and Frogmorton if they should read this), David Blosse

David Blosse <davidblosse@hotmail.com>

USA - Wednesday, September 18, 2002 at 19:54:53 (GMT) 


With apologies to Smokey : "People say I'm a part of their life 'cos I Used to sing a song or two; And though I'm still obscure I can't escape the lure For Time has caught me too. I play the 'Downriver' CD, I start to smile whimsically For it contains, evidently, The tracks of my years."


UK - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 21:30:25 (GMT) 


With apologies to Smokey : "People say I'm a part of their life 'cos I Used to sing a song or two; And though I'm still obscure I can't escape the lure For Time has caught me too. I play the 'Downriver' CD, I start to smile whimsically For it contains, evidently, The tracks of my years."


USA - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 21:29:40 (GMT) 


We've only ever talked about advertising ethics, Tony and not folk music. This CD is right up my street and will be ordered straightaway. Did you know that I am in two of Brussels based folk groups?

Oliver Gray <oliver.gray@yucom.be>

Brussels, Belgium - Monday, September 09, 2002 at 10:14:09 (GMT) 


As a hardcore Al Stewart fan, I am delighted to purchase your Down River compilation. I can't wait to hear it! Anyone interested in one of the great British record labels, please visit my Charisma Records discography website! www.charismalabel.com

Mark J. Moerman <markjmo@earthlink.net>

Camas, WA USA - Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 07:43:43 (GMT) 


Hi, this message is aimed at Nora Duggan mainly i guess (as your entry is the one mentioning Meg Aitken). I just wanted to say hello. You dont know me, but Meg was my Grandmother. I am eagerly trying to find as much info about her as possible, as it would mean a lot to me, but even more so for my mum. If anyone has any more information i would love to hear from you. Thank you very much. (just out of interest, her name was actually Megan Aikman, but everyone got her name wrong! lol)

Stephen Biggs <stephen.biggs4@ntlworld.com>

England - Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 12:40:30 (GMT) 


I saw Blues De-Luxe at Newlyn on the 26th. Aug and wanted to know more - thanks to this website I have been enlightened - I would like some contact details so that I can catch up on some of their gigs...and introduce my friends to their music. Has anyone any contact details? If so please e.mail me at rnewman@fsbdial.co.uk. Regards Richard Newman 28th. Aug 2002

Richard Newman <rnewman@fsbdial.co.uk>

UK - Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 14:50:43 (GMT) 



Debbie <ivegotyourcroc@hotmail.com>

Bristol, - Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 14:37:14 (GMT) 


I have tracked you down at last Tony - do you remember me? You still look as lovely as ever!......

Maureen McMahon <Maureenm@hotmail.com>

london, UK - Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 14:13:45 (GMT) 


Nice page, keep up the good work. Greetings from Germany!


- Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 03:48:57 (GMT) 


I regularly attended the Corbet Theatre on Sunday nights and got to talk with Ian Anderson in the bar !!!! One of my guitar heroes. I also remember the the Blacksmiths Arms Sessions. Especially Deroll Adams and Fred Wedlock. As for The Gladstones bag - I still have my paper moustache. I attended the 2nd Epping Folk Festival and watched the charity football match. Wizz Jones arrived late as a spectator and asked me the score. Another story to tell the grandchildren. Your website has brought back so many memories.

trevor Attwaters <trevoratt@aol.com>

Essex, UK - Monday, June 17, 2002 at 23:43:41 (GMT) 


I regularly attended the Sunday night sessions at the Corbet Theatre and remember the times with great fondness. I actually got to sit and talk with Ian Anderson in the bar!!! One of my guitar heroes. I attended the 2nd Epping Folk Festival and remember the charity football match (can't remember the score though). Wizz jones arrived late as a spectator and asked me the what the score was. Another story to tell my grandchildren. I also remember the the sessions at the Blacksmiths Arms - especially Derroll Adams and Fred Wedlock.

Trevor Attwaters <trevoratt@aol.com>

UK - Monday, June 17, 2002 at 23:30:45 (GMT) 


Great speaking to you Tony. Brill site, what memories, old girlfriends,school mates and above all, great music!! Keep it going!!

Adrian Harrison(market man!) <adrian@harrison129.fsnet.co.uk>

London, UK - Friday, June 07, 2002 at 19:49:42 (GMT) 


I noticed my name mentioned as appearing with Jo-Ann Kelly in a concert 'at achool in 1970'. I'm sure it's right because Jo was a good friend I and my partner Steve Rye often appeared at her gigs. However, I don't remember this one. Have you got any more info about it? I am still playing and i reckon I'm better now than I was then! but I would, wouldn't I?

Simon Prager <Simon@pragers.freeserve.co.uk>

London, UK - Sunday, June 02, 2002 at 22:47:38 (GMT) 


Very interesting site: I discovered many important things about my favourite artist, Al Stewart, and about the late 60's-early 70's folk scene. Thank You.

antonio nicastro <pitosso@yahoo.it>

Polistena (RC), Italy - Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 10:36:34 (GMT) 


Does anybody know if any recordings of English Tapestry are available. I saw them in the seventies, Upminster Essex I think, and have always regretted not getting their LP('s) then.

Ian Matthews <i.r.matthews@btinternet.com>

UK - Sunday, May 12, 2002 at 15:34:05 (GMT) 


Great site - does anyone know where I can get a copy of VTS-20 (Fred Wedlock, Frollicks)?

Paul Hodgson <hci@canada.com>

Cambridge, ON Canada - Thursday, May 09, 2002 at 04:11:11 (GMT) 


is Chris Rohmann (technicolor dreams) still breathing if yes, still performing and if so where. I heard this guy at the brewery arts centre in the late seventies early eighties and just replayed the album, as good now as then. any info most welcome

john craig <john@weasel6.freeserve.co.uk>

USA - Monday, April 29, 2002 at 19:21:00 (GMT) 


My cousin, John, and I used to go to Bunjies regularly in the late 60s and knew Hratch, Wednesdays were my favourite night there. Yesterday I received this weird email from John which I was doubtful about opening - oh, but when I did, I saw this photo of Meg Aitken. What memories!! I had a surf round the site then - I went to West Hatch school in the early 60s and worked at the Corbett Theatre in the early 70s. I never knew there was a folk club at either! Thanks for the memories - I'm off for another look round at what else you've got.

Nora Duggan <Nora@kweo.freeserve.co.uk>

USA - Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 07:44:01 (GMT) 


Does anyone know if Noel Murphy is still performing and where? I heard he had moved to the West Country and would love to hear him once more. My old tapes have worn out!

Eileen Blacklock <eileen.blacklock@btinternet.com>

USA - Monday, March 25, 2002 at 12:00:17 (GMT) 


Old times are not forgotten.

curmudgeon <briticanlankey@cox.net>

Phoenix, AZ USA - Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 02:56:14 (GMT) 


saw Alan today he gave me a Cd of my brother..brought back great memories.. glad you're all still out there.My kids were surprised and 'sad' to discover that I can join in all the songs..street cred takes another dive!!!love to all.xxx

Ann Long nee Tucker <ann@thelongs.homechoice.co.uk>

London, England - Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 20:21:10 (GMT) 


I bumped into Adrian Turnham in Chatham of all places. He said that you might be running some events at the Corbett Theatre. Please let me know if anything is happening as I've never seen the Sooty show. A friend of mine, Bob Kearney, has some recordings of those days , when he didn't drop the microphone in his beer! A sad note, Colin Scot died in 1999 in Amsterdam. Adrian May lives in Colchester, I have details if you want to find him. good to know you are still around. Give them the clap they richly deserve. Steve Head

Steve Head <srhsrh@hotmail.com>

London, UK - Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 01:30:57 (GMT) 


Gasworks! I'm lucky enough to have their album, but sadly my cassette recording of the Radio 1 concert (more stuff than on the vinyl) is unlistenable. Thanks anyway guys, whereever you are.


UK - Friday, February 15, 2002 at 19:13:06 (GMT) 


I dont get all this reminiscing, I`m still twenty nine! Still working in bands, making cases and sailing.

Keith Calton <Keith@caltoncases.co.uk>

Aldershit, uk - Tuesday, February 12, 2002 at 16:35:54 (GMT) 


OK, you're definitely in _my_ bookmarks. I became an avid listener, and then performer, of British Isles and Irish music in the mid to late 70s, and had a chance to spend most of 1979 in the UK and Ireland. Spent a good four months haunting London folk clubs (Hammersmith, Dingle's and Chestnuts in Walthamstow were my favorites), went to the Epping and Norwich festivals, even crossed the sea and took in Lisdoonvarna and Ballisodare. Met and befriended a lot of terrific people, some of whom you have listed here, and wouldn't mind at all finding out where they've gone: Sam Stephens and Anne Lennox-Martin, Tickler's Jam, Bonnie Shaljean, Jim Younger and Julie Carter...

Sean Smith <stsmith58@hotmail.com>

MA USA - Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 18:26:57 (GMT) 


Well done, very memorable site. You've made a happy man very old.

AndyJackson <miskinfolk@btinternet.com>

Pontyclun, Wales - Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 01:11:37 (GMT) 


Great pictures, enjoyed this site very much! Please give us more.

Arie Euwijk <aeuwijk@chello.nl>

Netherlands - Tuesday, December 04, 2001 at 22:41:00 (GMT) 


Well done guys, great site, great memories (and so much hair!!)

Trevor Colman <THColman1@aol.com>

London, England - Tuesday, November 27, 2001 at 10:03:44 (GMT) 


Hi Guys. This web site sure brings back some memories. Hope you're well. See you at the reunion on the 1st Dec?

Dave (Darry) Colli <fayecolli@netscapeonline .co.uk>

Waltham Abbey, - Thursday, November 15, 2001 at 12:19:42 (GMT) 


I guess the fact that you've created this site and that I'm actually looking at it, must mean that we're all getting very old. And sad. But it takes you back, don't it?

Gill Leyton <gillleyton@aol.com>

USA - Tuesday, October 23, 2001 at 17:06:39 (GMT) 


Just want to say hello to everyone really. It's rather strange to see all these old names, and I've started to get email from people I haven't seen for 30 years! Hope you all like the CD when it comes out. That's all for now folks.

Alan White <alan.p.white@talk21.com>

London, UK - Friday, October 19, 2001 at 23:58:27 (GMT) 


Meet On the Ledge seems to have a whole new meaning

Alan White (chalky) <alanwhite@alwhite.fsnet.co.uk>

- Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 23:44:36 (GMT) 


Hello everyone Just made the link via Peter Collins on the Friends reunited site. Would like to say hello to everyone who remembers me. What a great site! The memories are flooding back!

Heather Howell (MacPherson) <heather@g6kvk.demon.co.uk>

Hertfordshire, UK - Sunday, October 14, 2001 at 20:34:12 (GMT) 


I meant to suggest in the last note.....how about a 'Where are they now' page of all those long forgotten and rarely heard of artists! It might be a good way of re-establishing contact with some of them. Peter

Peter Stowe <peters@pstowe.fsnet.co.uk>

Hertfordshire, UK - Thursday, October 11, 2001 at 22:48:58 (GMT) 


Nice to see that some of my stuff has made an appearance......next stop we can look at all my old photos. Pages & pages!!!!!!

Peter Stowe <peters@pstowe.fsnet.co.uk>

Bishops Stortford, UK - Tuesday, October 09, 2001 at 23:30:29 (GMT) 


I thought that everybody thought I looked like James Taylor (and Alan) not Steve Took! A nice trip down memory lane - I've seen Alan working on the tapes for the CD recently. Colin

Colin Hughes <colin.hughes@jenks.co.uk>

London, England - Sunday, October 07, 2001 at 17:11:39 (GMT) 


Hey Great site. Michael Moore lives in Norway to the best of my knowledge (at least last time I saw him) Colin Scot lives in the centre of Amsterdam. Have address if you need it. Keep up the good work.

Marta Ring <130878@home.com>

Van Nuys, Ca USA - Thursday, October 04, 2001 at 04:53:32 (GMT) 


More Bully Wee please! Does anyone know what happened to Jim?

Marilyn <marilyn.payne@talk21.com>

- Sunday, September 30, 2001 at 00:53:08 (GMT) 


Just great! Please go on like this, I can't wait for the CD!

Gianpaolo Banelli <pinkmoon@esedranet.com>

Italia - Sunday, September 23, 2001 at 17:49:20 (GMT) 


Great artifacts. I'd completely forgotten about the 'third ear band and to think it was only 31 years ago! Keep the memories coming.

Laura Coleman <ldelen@aol.com>

Southampton, UK - Sunday, September 09, 2001 at 15:27:30 (GMT) 



Pete Warnell <p.warnell@virgin.net>

Essex, UK - Sunday, July 15, 2001 at 22:23:04 (GMT) 


Great to discover your site. Look forward to more updates and memories.

Helen Hosking (Emerick) <hosking@kernow3.demon.co.uk>

Waterlooville, Hampshire UK - Friday, July 13, 2001 at 15:19:45 (GMT) 


Love the site. I remember the old days too!

Keith Brincorn

England - Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 00:11:46 (GMT)

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