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Tony Kingsbury on.....


..A small guy who could have been a giant....

I first heard of Hratch from some sixth formers at the nearby girl's school. Education being better then, they had already learned to visit Bunjies Coffee House and Folk Cellar in Soho on Wednesday nights where Hratch was resident.

 In December 1967 there was news of a "folk evening" (a popular term of the day) at another school nearby. Hratch was the guest and from then on we too became Bunjies regulars...(was it Hratch or the sixth form girls).....Anyway, Hratch was "discovered" by the actor David Hemmings and nearly became a pop star!.


Hratch performing at the first Leyton Boys High School "folk evening"  November 1968

2010-Live play through of "Jive & Rhyme " Hratch: Vocals, Guitar
Joel Garabedian: Keyboard
Tom Collison: Guitar, Backing Vocal

 A band called "Kate" was put together with Hratch as the vocalist. They made three singles for CBS one of which..."Strange Girl" was Tony Blackburn's record of the week (kiss of death!) As time went on Hratch wrote more of his own material. Good commercial stuff I always thought. Whenever we booked him audiences always went away very happy but alas major success always eluded him. Hratch now lives on the south coast with his equally talented family. I am delighted to still be in touch after 33 years...Not too late for an album??


Rosemary Hardman

Hokey Pokey

Roy Harper

Tim Hardin
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Ashley Hutchings (Here with Martin Carthy at Cambridge)

Hot Vultures at Cambridge
Couldn't afford Loudon
Wainwright for a trio ..

..So settled for a photo instead!

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Al Hoyle

Seen here performing 29th November 1968 at our first folk for Christabel evening at Leyton Boys School


Al Jones

Wizz Jones

"....Everytime we do a gig in a nice club and get asked who we've seen recently worth booking, the answer is invariably Al Jones...."
(Ian A Anderson)

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Just after he moved down to Padstow I spent several memorable days with Al, his wife and daughter Post. I especially recal tranquility at Tregudda Gorge and walks along deserted beaches. tm

Picture of Wizz Jones
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Cliff Jones & John Kirby

John James

Bridget St John


This was taken at the Beckenham folk festival . For an article on Bridget

Nic Jones













Jo-Ann Kelly

Amory Kane

Anne Lennox Martin & Sam Stephens

Jo-Ann was born in 1944 in Streatham, London. A mainstay of the Blues she was awarded Female singer of the Year by the British Blues Federation shortly before her untimely death in 1990.

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Amory Kane, a female
and a pair of boots. Photo
taken at Beckenham free 
festival 1969 (Organised by
David Bowie)


John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris

Lackey & Sweeney

Dave Kelly

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The Second Epping Folk Festival