In The Beginning...

Ever present during my career have been Terry and Tony. From the first concert I ever did for them in 1969 when they were still at school, through the 'Walthamstow & Epping Years', to the present day. They are currently putting together a charity albumPicture of Al Stewart taken in 1988 which will feature my version of 'Memphis Tennessee' recorded at that first school concert. Over dinner with the boys in London recently I may have germinated the seed of an idea for them to return to concert promotion..If they do I'll be more than happy to play again!

There are many joint memories over such a long period. Their friendship with my former manager Julia Creasy and members of my first band such as the late Isaac Guillory meant that, try as I might, regular meetings couldn't be avoided!
Despite my having lived in California since the '70s we have remained in contact. I wish them every success with this website, the album and ..the concerts?      Al.


Terry Martin As a rebellious teenager I found it easy to ignore my parents when they told me to "Turn that awful row down!" That "row" was Johnny in the basement mixing up the medicine. Since then, Bob Dylan has consistently been an inspiration.  At this rebellious time I bought my first guitar. I persevered with chord patterns 'til the tips of my pinkies became sore...only to start over again the next day!

Musical performances started at school. I used to sing with Colin Tucker under various stage names: Rainy Daze, CGS Hooper , Incredible String Umbrella etc. Colin was one of the finest young poets of his time and we often sang his songs as well as those of Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Al Stewart.

It was a natural progression to join up with Tony on the promotional side of our like interest. In compiling this website I am astounded at the vast numbers and high calibre of artistes with whom we were involved. Whilst we mainly sided with the contemporary folk/blues genre, we were always eager to promote good traditional folk singers.  This site is our cybertribute to all those who gave and those who still continue to give us so much enjoyment   .....


Tony Kingsbury How did it start? Oddly enough on our school football pitch. One of my school chums had acquired a copy of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence" I was impressed!

Soon after, a school folk club was started by some Buffy St Marie fans. It met on Thursday lunchtimes in the chemistry lab. A folk evening had been arranged where an amazing singer named Hratch performed gems such as "Like a Rolling Stone" and Al's "Swiss Cottage Manouvers" We subsequently discovered that he was resident at Bunjies Coffee House where he'd taken over from the increasingly popular Al Stewart.
After several Bunjies jaunts we visited the Marquee Club where we were knocked out by Fairport Convention (Dyble & Matthews) with Al Stewart. We then went on to promote a concert, at school, featuring Al. who has remained a good friend ever since.
Another major influence to me was Ian Anderson whose experience and advice was always available. It was he who largely responsible for broadening my musical interests. The rest, as they say.  ...............


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