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Richard Digance

Diz Dizley


A review of Richard's  Animal Alphabet" for a review of "Animal Alphabet"
A review of Richard's  Animal Alphabet" to an old "Norwich Festival" write up


Richard's humour is unique. Once a member of Pisces 
he is probably better known now as a variety club, rather than folk club act. Appeared for us many many times. These are some of his younger-day photos! He is also a very good writer.



Sandy Denny

Barry Dransfield

Robin & Barry Dransfield

No Competition

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Bob Davenport


A great Ceilidh Band who played for us many times





English Tapestry

Dave Evans

Etchingham Steam Band

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(Not a particularly good photo. We'll replace with a better one as soon as possible!)

Dave Ellis














The Froggies were one of our favourite acts. They appeared for us on numerous occasions and always went down a storm. The Band members were: Chris Tulloch,Dave Hardy, Mike Smith, Bill Lynn,Terry Newbery and Lucy Sharpe.


If you can find it try and get a copy of their first (and only?) album called "At Last" it's a bit of a gem and has the eternally memorable "White Swans on the River" on it.  Mike...If you read this try and get in touch...maybe we can have a good laugh again...Remember de Quincey? tm

This band plays driving folk-rock with a lot of self-penned material. The combined male/female vocals are excellent throughout and though they tend to be a bit over-serious as well as over-joyous, most of the tracks are very listenable. Slight religious overtones on Judas and Mary and Wedding Day do not disable these songs as music that stands well on its own and the lack of converting zeal makes this something entirely different from most albums on religious folk label Myrrh. In fact, these two tracks stand out and are nothing less than gripping in their lyrical content. It is also hard to withstand the exuberance of White Swans. It's very positive, though, so some may find this a bit too much. The sheer honesty and the skilful playing do, however, convert me musically at least. (Marcel Koopman).







John Fincher

John Fincher

Alan Francis

John on the left at the
Corbett Theatre with Terry

Another photo of the duo at the Corbett Theatre

Alan was a frequent singer at the Blacksmiths Arms. He is probably the only person on the Folk scene who can claim to have been at school with both Nic Jones (at Brentwood '59-60) and Keith Christmas (at Colchester '61-63).


















Stefan Grossman

Davey Graham

Gordon Giltrap

Stefan was our main guest in concert at Ilford town Hall in November 1972. One of the finest ragtime guitarists ever.
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Davey Graham always remembered for "Angie" Performed for us at the Corbett in April 1974. He had the audience on their feet in no time!

Gordon was born in Kent in 1948.   A "Cousins" regular in 1970's His composition "Heartsong" was the theme tune for BBC's Holiday programme.The last time I saw Gordon Giltrap he was playing a minstrel fellow in Cliff Richard's "Heathcliff"


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Mr Gladstone's Bag


Vin Garbutt

The "Bag" comprised of John Watcham and Mike Clifton. Both were members of the Albion Morris.

 Mike has sadly passed away but they will always be remembered for their unique Music-Hall Parody.

I can't think of many other acts that I always thought brilliant but  John Brown & Mick Draper collectively.. Gasworks.. were one such act. tm
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Always the supreme showman. One of the Folk Scene's major acts
Prolific songwriter and tin-whistleist.
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Dick Gaughan

Isaac Guillory

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Taken at Cambridge.
Sadly no longer with us.



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