The Copper Family

Bob's earliest memories were of winter evenings sitting round the fire at home in Rottingdean, East Sussex singing songs such as The Banks of the Sweet Primroses, The Honest Labourer and The Brisk Young Ploughboy with his grandfather James (b.1845) and his father Jim (b 1882)

The Copper Family were an institution without which traditional folk music in the UK might have struggled. We shall not attempt to produce a formal obituary but would instead refer you to The Times of 1st April 2004 which I think can be accessed via the Times website.

From farming stock to the Household Cavalry to a legendary singer. Not bad!

Terry played at the Coppers club down in Peacehaven with his band Thyme. I remember Terry saying at the time that he felt privileged to be in such company.

We also booked Bob's son John when we had a club at the King's Head Ongar. The most unsuitable venue, with hindsight, you could ever imagine for a singer of that type but he coped well.


Bob Copper died on March 29 2004, aged 89


Four days before his death Bob was invested with the MBE by the Prince of Wales who observed:

'An old Life Guard who sings folk songs. Well done'

Well done indeed.