The Backstage Crew

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Left to Right

Alan White

Terry Martin

Pete Stowe

Tony Kingsbury


Oh Dear! Oh Dear!

..Oh Dear!

A very rare colour
photo of Tony and I being
picked out from above.
Photo by Helen (keep them coming!)

Photo taken in a cave by the looks of it!

Alan, poet & regular compere.Terry, promoter & singer/songwriter,Pete, photographer & latter day promoter.Tony, promoter & compere.


How we are nowadays!!
A sort of "Jurassic


Here we have a piccy of Tony and Peter. They are in avid conversation with Marilyn a fine lady and Colin Tucker . It looks as if Peter is about to partake of Tony's ale!

Now, this must be after the incident

with the ale as Peter is totally knocked out

by June Tabor being so close!

Picture taken at Christchurch Folk Festival

Kate                Pete Colins, Tony and Pete Stowe              Kate again


This is Tony's Missus, Isabel having a little dance with a certain Mr Digance. This was about Christmas time. Soon afterwards we all went in search of 'arry!

Tony has the funny hat on. Pete Stowe seems to be fiddling and Pete Collins is  sitting pensively in the hotel doorway. Mr Collins is the Samuel Pepys among us. Without his diaries this site would not exist


We were always aided by a large band of willing helpers. Seen here close to Victoria coach station are: Colin Hughes, Jean Garrard ...sigh...and lovely Linda Muir. Not that the coach station had anything to do with us! Colin always had a striking resemblance to Steve Peregrine Took! I thought.


Linda wondering what to do with it! and Nigel (one of our early benefactors)

A Photo here of Nigel's brother Kevin with Gill up to a little "je ne sais quoi" Well, it was the early '70's!

Tony and Colin Hughes making some roof top protest? Give it all you can, it's much better than a pre-fabricated concrete coalbunker


This is Sue Buckwell on her 18th birthday a few years ago! Sue was quite often my "shoulder to cry on". Someone who,on reflection, was very special. tm


Pauline pictured puffing.

You don't see photos of lovely ladies with the weed nowadays

Tony and Alan with two very willing helpers: Helen on the left and Elaine on the right.Why does Tony always look so shady?

Here's a photo taken on Tony's Wedding Day!
LtoR Terry, Tony, Pethurst and Ray.
Pethurst and Terry were (and still are) able to perform, unaccompanied, the entire libretto from "Hair" !





A much better photo of  Pete Collins than the one up the page. Seen here trying to fathom out the latest technology!

Alan White, Tony Kingsbury and Pete Stowe being given some tips by Ian Anderson & Maggie Holland

You don't often get eight peeps in a photo so small! Featuring Tony,Terry, Adrian Turnham,Pauline,Colin Hughes,Sue Buckwell,Pete Stowe and Debbie Gooch

Tony Pethurst with just a small bit of Tony Kingsbury, which is probably just about enough (Couldn't bear to see any more of that tee shirt!)


To Events at the Corbett Theatre ( E15 Acting School) Loughton. Essex 1973/74

The Second Epping Folk Festival