~Vin Garbutt~


Vin at The Corbett Theatre



A good photo of Vin (obviously a promo-pic)

Vin & Terry


June Tabor guardingPete Stowe who's having a nap (?) during Vin's set as mentioned below*

First of all, hot off the press (not that hot obviously if you are reading this for the first time in 2010 but hot as I write it!), congratulations to Vin for two major awards in 2001. An honorary Masters degree from Teeside University, presented by Sir Leon Britten, for services to music and the region of Teeside to go with the Radio 2 folk award of Best Live Act in Britain.

Vin was born in Middlesborough to an Irish mother and an English father. He embarked upon an apprenticeship at ICI, and by way of a little light relief became a regular at Middlesborough's Rifle Club. His Irish family music traditions and the experience gained at the Rifle Club persuaded Vin to become a professional musician at the age of 21.

His first album 'Valley of Tees' was released in 1972. I first saw Vin, probably around that time, when he was a member of the Teeside Fettlers , at the Peelers club somewhere in the City of London. From that moment on I was hooked. As Vin's wife Pat told me recently I have more Garbutt on vinyl than the Garbutts. We booked Vin at most of our venues starting with the William IV in Leyton in mid 1972. We'd have probably booked him even more often if he ever had any free dates.

The 1980s started to take Vin to foreign parts, all the usual folky spots and plenty of the not so usual like Indonesia and Thailand. The foreign jaunts developed into an annual world tour from 1991 onwards. Probably the biggest draw on the folk scene. Certainly the biggest ruffler of feathers with songs covering more world events than ITN. Alongside the songs you have fine tin-whistle playing and frankly the silliest stories ever told. The end result is quite extraordinary. Irritatingly he is also a lovely bloke (though obviously not in the visual sense!).

There are lots of albums all excellent and most still available via Vin's website which you can access through our Links page.

*NB. Although the picture of Pete Stowe, seemingly sleeping alongside June Tabor, as it were, on our 'Backstage Crew' page, was taken during a Vin Garbutt performance we are convinced that he was not in fact sleeping but in a trance like thoughtful state induced by Vin's turn!