Shelagh McDonald

The release on CD of 'The Shelagh McDonald Album' completes her available discography and will add to her reputation as one of the finest undiscovered female singer/songwriters of the early 1970's.

After completing some tracks for her third solo album in late 1971 which are now included on the Mooncrest CD 'Stargazer' (CRESTCD 040), Shelagh McDonald returned to Scotland and disappeared from the music scene altogether. Suggested reasons for her disappearance included a bad drug experience and her general unhappiness with life in London. Since then she has not been heard from or made any sort of comeback to the music scene. Several common theories abound as regards her life after retiring from music. One was that she moved to the USA and her whereabouts have also been given as in Canada and also the Western Isles of Scotland.

 This elusive Scottish singer/songwriter has yet to return from obscurity. Her reputation rests on her two remarkable solo albums 'The Shelagh McDonald Album' arid 'Stargazer'. Shelagh McDonald's unique voice and personalised songwriting style rings down through the years with assurance, poise and clarity.



©John O'Regan