Obviously a sensible girl - she's put a link to our website on her own site without being threatened.

Saffron studied classical guitar in the early '70s but soon became embroiled in the London folk circuit with a blend of her own material and traditional songs from around the globe. So embroiled did she become that she found her way to one of our fine establishments in 1973.

I notice that she was for a time a member of Trader Horne, a Fairport offshoot, presumably replacing Judy Dyble?

Returning to a solo career she not only made three albums but in 1974, in the immortal words of Victor Kyam (or near enough), she 'bought the record company' - setting up Mother Earth Music in 1974. In addition to her own work Mother Earth released one of my favourites of all time Mary Asquith's 'Closing Time' (maybe to be re-issued), and bought Jenny Beeching's album off of us (cheek!). Mother Earth was relaunched in May 2001 with a new Saffron album.

In the 80s she had the audacity to stray from the insecure world of folk clubs by writing songs and music for Radio Four's 'Start The Week' , and a C4 documentary called 'Six Of Hearts'. In 1984 she became Musician In Residence at Battersea Arts Centre residing for 2 years, and in the 90s swung seemlessly on to a photographic course.

If you get the chance investigate not just Saffron but the whole Mother earth catalogue.


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