The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra

Formed in early 1968, The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra (or PHLO for short) originally consisted of Barry Back, Dave Creech, Andy Leggett and John Turner. Their first gig was at Fred Wedlock's New Year's party. The band soon built up a following in the Bristol area with their eccentric style and eclectic choice of material - perhaps somewhat reminiscent of The Temperance Seven and The Bonzo Dog Band. Like those two bands, their music had its roots in the 1920s and '30s, but as well as jazz influences there were others including blues and jugband music.


Their first album The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra Presents, or PHLOP! - released on the legendary Village Thing label - sold well and established the band as a popular attraction. They started gigging across the country and appeared at such prestigious events as the Cambridge Folk Festival. There were a few changes of personnel over the next few years, with Turner leaving after the first album, leaving the others to continue as a trio, supplemented by other musicians - notably Bill Cole who appeared on their 1971 album Piggery Jokery. By 1976 Creech was the only remaining founder member, being joined by John "Wash" Hays and Robert Greenfield on the band's final album. One member of the band worthy of note is Hannah Wedlock (daughter of Fred!) who was in the PHLO for a while.