~The McCalmans~

Formed in 1964 by Ian McCalman, Hamish Bayne and Derek Moffat (sadly recently died) on their first day at Edinburgh School of Art.

Why did they call themselves the McCalmans and not the Baynes or the Moffats?

Since 1964 they have toured the world (Epping included), made 22 albums of which a release in 2000 called 'A Hard Night's Day' is the latest. In their native Scotland they have had six major television series, and numerous network radio series.

The current members of the band are Ian McCalman, who also spends his time in his own highly regarded recording studio, Stephen Quigg an accomplished solo act with five CDs to his credit who has recently joined as a replacement for Derek Moffat, and Nick Keir who also has a solo CD 'Rumours of Snow'.

I'm not sure why but we only ever booked the McCalmans once. It was at the Blacksmith's Arms and it was a live recording of Richard Digance's Capital Radio show - also on the bill were the Albion Band, Waterfall and the good Mr Digance obviously.


Sorry chaps should have done more - glad it hasn't hampered your careers in any way!