&ldots;.formed as a trio in 1970, quickly established themselves as a household name in Hertfordshire folk clubs. The three - Andrew Morgan, Pat Rogers and Geoff Ide ran their own club at Baldock and were resident at Hitchin Folk Club. Regular guest soloists at Baldock were David Doddington and Doug Jones who were themselves resident at the Attic Club in Royston. In 1973 Geoff Ide left Flaky Pastry to join Halcyon and David Doddington and Doug Jones, by now working as a duo, joined forces with Andrew and Pat to form a now four piece Flaky Pastry. By the autumn of 1974 the band had taken its present form when Geoff Ide rejoined on bass guitar.

An appearance in the spring of 1975 on ATV's 'New Faces' followed by transmission on BBC Radio's 'Folk 75' of their 1974 Norwich Festival session finally brought the name and sound of Flaky Pastry to a nation wide audience. They appeared again at the 1975 Norwich Festival and their most successful year yet was crowned by landing a recording contract with DJM.