We put Dick Gaughan on at the King's Head in Ongar in the summer of 1973. With hindsight not the smartest of moves - Leith Man meets Essex Man!  I seem to remember it going quite well though.

I shouldn't really like Dick as a singer - it is well known that traditional music is not my first choice - but I do. In fact one of the best concerts I've ever been to was Silly Wizard and Dick Gaughan at the very large and very full Edinburgh Playhouse. One of my favourite album's is Dick's 'Redwood Cathedral' from 1998.

Born in 1948,he has been a professional musician and singer since 1970. An early member of that institution that is the Boys of the Lough, and a member of the ever so good Five Hand Reel with whom he made 3 albums. Their career was not too seriously damaged by an appearance at the Blacksmith's Arms on 1st June 1975.

Dick's fascinating website (it should be as he did a course in such things in 1984) can be accessed via our Links page. There are some strongly held views to be found here about websites - I don't understand most of it but if such things interest you then here's a rare opportunity to combine traditional Scottish music with computers!