This piece should be read in conjunction with the article on Dave's sister Jo Ann as we booked them together at a wonderful concert in our school days.

Born in London in 1948 he moved seamlessly from being a trombone player to a bottleneck slide guitar player sitting in with both John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters during a US visit in 1966 - start at the bottom why don't you!

Although playing on the folk club circuit a fair amount he was more of a band person. After the US trip he joined a band which developed into the John Dummer Blues Band. Albums were churned out at a pace in those days, Dave's production rate was well up to the average with sessions involving Jo Ann, Bob Hall and Bob Brunning passing themselves off as Tramp and Firefall.

Then back to a spell playing on albums by US to notch acts like Son House and Arthur Crudup. Two solo albums appeared around this time (c.1974) accompanied by Peter Green, Jo Ann, Brunning and Steve Rye. There was a band called Rocksalt and then the Ooblee Dooblee Band, again with John Dummer.

Fame (?) came in the late 70s when he became a founder member of the highly successful Blues Band. During that band's temporary split he put together his own very successful touring band, which lasted until the Blues Band re-formed in 1989.

Not a lot of people know that during the 80s he developed another career as a writer of jingles, and film and television soundtrack music.