BridgetSt John

When I think of Bridget St John I think 'what a pity'. A pity 'cos I rather liked her and felt she never quite achieved what her talent deserved. Mind you, I never bought any of her albums so I've only myself to blame! I do have a single though - the most agreeable 'To B Without A Hitch'.

Terry and I put her on at the Blacksmith's Arms on 20th April 1975.We only just got in in time as far as I can see as Bridget became a resident of Greenwich Village in the mid 70s.

I think we pretty much saw the beginning and end of her UK career as she first recorded in 1969, which was about the time we saw her in Beckenham park at a free concert organised by David Bowie (just pre Space Oddity). Apparently she was born Hobbs but changed it to St John as she felt it suited her image better (never did Jack any harm did it?).

David Bowie at said festivel!

In 1974 she came 5th in the Melody Maker Female Singer Poll behind people like Sandy Denny and Olivia Newton-John but ahead of Shirley Bassey.

All is not lost for fans. A CD 'Take The 5ifth' was released in 1996 presumably in the US, and she performed at a Nick Drake tribute concert in New York in 1999.

A very nice website about Bridget can be accessed via our Links page. Aged fans of John Peel's Radio 4 programme 'Home Truths' may be surprised at the bathtime picture of him to be found there - he sounds such a nice clean cut young man!