Born on 2nd September 1944 in Detroit, Michigan.

A career which took him from superstar's sidekick to singer songwriter to film and television actor.

He appeared in Richie Havens band when they opened the Woodstock Festival, a performance immortalised in the film - perhaps that was what gave him the acting idea.

In his mid thirties he turned to acting and has a rather impressive cv - in amongst the many films he has appeared in are Tomorrow Never Dies, the Fifth Element, Aliens, Superman III and Yanks. Television appearances include the Professionals and Shelley. He also had his own show on London's Capital Radio.

I recall he opened our club that we ran at the Crooked Billet in Walthamstow and was a larger than life character whose energetic performance owed a lot to young Richie in style.

 We're  not aware of any albums but would be interested to know.