Pete & Clive some time ago!

A transcript of a piece of advertising material put out by the promoters of the tour. 1975




TOGETHER AT LAST unites,for the first time on stage,two of the most talked about talents in the media today! PETE ATKIN, singer, composer and musician, and CLIVE JAMES, lyricist, tv critic, journalist and occasional film star.

The show will naturally fall apart! In the first half Pete will sing some of the ATKIN-JAMES songs that,over the past year,have made him a must for every gramaphone collection up and down the country will Clive, as Master of Ceremonies, will move his lips in time with a metronome and either explain, with as much seriousness as he can muster, how they came to be written or indulge himself with readings from his selected works including his comic epic 'The Fate of Felicity Fark in the Land of the Media' which is to be published to coincide with this tour.

The second half will be a sceptical look at the popular music scene by means of parody songs (including the now notorious Black Funk Rex) and a learned, if misleading commentary. Much of the material will be featured on a hilariously wicked album called 'LIVE LIBEL' to be released by RCA Records to coincide with this tour. Among its victims will be Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, T Rex, Alice Cooper, Kris Kristofferson, James Taylor, Nico, Leonard Cohen and Telly Savalas.

ATKIN and JAMES promise that TOGETHER AT LAST will speed by like a holiday! Two and a half hours of pure, unexpurgated entertainment!

Scenes of sex, violence, drugs, death and destruction - something that all the family can enjoy.

The promotional activity around the tour and album - ads, posters, shop displays, press, radio, tv - will make the Great Flood look like a shower!'


For details of the still available LIVE LIBEL album,Pete's new albums and a PETE and CLIVE 2002 tour visit Pete's website via our LINKS page.