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 Richard Digance's first book Animal Alphabet

"If you are one of those people who drive around Britain's safari parks, thinking that animals are dumb and have no objection to that piece of Japanese machinery you are pointing in their direction, then think again, my friend. OK, this book does not explain how a monkey manages to work out the going rate for the windscreen wiper he has just stolen from your car, but it does explain such diverse animal antics as the introduction of cricket to civilization (started by the Snails and Tortoises and thus explaining the tragic speed of the game); why the Ants bother to enter the Jungle Olympics each year, knowing they will never win anything; and why a Kangaroo entered the Grand National. In short, I hope it makes you realize they created everything for us humans and left it all in our most capable hands to destroy."

Animal Alphabet is Richard Digance's first book. It has been suggested, by the author's mother, that this is the best collection of gems this side of the Tower of London; it has been suggested by others that that is where the author should be locked away.

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